How to start a business


Answer 1
Answer: Step 1: Create a good idea

Step 2: Make a prototype

Step 3: Start making about 100 of your products

Step 4: Go to your neighbors, spam on social media, etc.

Step 5: If they sell out fast keep making more

Step 6: Go to an investor

Step 7: You have a business 

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When entrepreneurs develop new products,other companies also experience growth because they


The answer is "because the new products create many companion products".

New products might be characterized as any item, administration, or thought not as of now made or showcased by an organization, or which the purchaser may see as new. New item improvement is a case of interior technique in enterprise.  

Inside Strategies will be techniques for empowering development that include endeavors inside the organization itself.  

The elements of business sectors, innovation, and rivalry have brought changes to for all intents and purposes each market part and have made new item improvement a standout among the most incredible business exercises.

Attempt to improve their own product. Companies "fight" in this way. by improving their products so that they are better

What three things would influence your decision the most when looking for a checking account?


The most important factors to consider in opening a chequeing account would be: 1. Security: This entails how safe is the account to hold your money and when you use it for transactions. 2. Cost: What would be the operational cost of running this type of account? 3. Flexibility: How flexible is the account as it relates to tailored needs?

You have just created the "perfect" ad. It communicates the full mix of benefits upon which the brand is differentiated and positioned. This full positioning of the brand is called ________.A) its value propositionB) target marketingC) capturing the consumers' attentionD) value profilingE) differentiated marketing



A) its value proposition


A good brand value proposition should state all the benefits of your product or service since it is the promise that your brand (or company) is delivering to  potential or current customers in order for them to purchase your product or service instead of the competition's.


How much money did it cost to buy a sweater during the great depression?


During the great depression, a single sweater had a starting price of $1. Comparing the value of a dollar from the 1930’s would have the equivalent buying power of $14.04 today. Therefore, during those hard times, sweaters were a bit pricey and food was the ultimate concern for most struggling families.

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