Which of the following was an advantage held by the Patriots during the Revolutionary War? A. A larger population B. Large manufacturing capacity C. Well trained and supplied troops D. Skilled military leader


Answer 1
Answer: It was because the Patriots had Skilled Military leaders (i.e : George Washington)

Back then, the British Army had a far more numbers than the Patriot ( 8 million: 2.5 million), More advanced technology, and better war supplies. The Patriots held an advantage over the war because of their brilliant military tacticians

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To ensure the national government did not become to powerful, federalism was used. What is federalism?


Federalism the distribution of power in an organization (such as a government) between a central authority and the constituent. This is the definition of federalism

Which historical event was the basis for the lliad and thr odyssey


They are both about the Trojan War, Miss. Please message me, if I may help with any other questions! 

How did European colonialism lay the groundwork for the emergence of the modern Middle East?


Without the context of the history in the middle east an understanding of political dynamics are limited in scope. The political institutions today in the middle east have actually been in the making for hundreds of years now. Many of the imperialist powers who have controlled the middle east over thee centuries have used sectarian violence and animosity to their own advantage.

When an industry was monopolized by one company or trust during the Gilded age, what happened to workers wages


When the industry was monopolized it was controlled by one company without competition, like Carnegie, Rockefeller, JP Morgan. When the industry became monopolized wages went down and when workers threatened to do strikes they would suffer, the government would not help them because of the importance of the industry.

The answer is:
Workers often earned less because fewer businesses were competing for their services
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