HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which of these is true about the total energy in an object?

Can be destroyed
Cannot be constant
Cannot be transferred to other objects
Can be changed from one form to another


Answer 1

Answer: The answer is total energy can be changed from one form to another

Explanation: Total energy is the total amount of energy a body possess. It is the sum of the kinetic and potential energy of a body.

However, it is worthy to also note that energy (example; heat energy) can be transferred from one object to another.

Answer 2
Answer: The answer to your question is Can be changed from one form to another. Hope this helped!!

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A cat, walking along the window ledge of a new york apartment, knocks off a flower pot, which falls to the street 280 feet below. how fast is the flower pot traveling when it hits the street? (give your answer in ft/s and in mi/hr, given that the acceleration due to gravity is 32 ft/s2 and 1 ft/s = 15/22 mi/hr.)


H = 280 ft, the height of the flower pot.
g = 32 ft/s²

Neglect air resistance.
Note that 1 ft/s = 15/22 mi/h

The initial vertical velocity is zero.
Let v =  the velocity with which the flower pot hits the ground.
v² = 2gh
    = 2*(32 ft/s²)*(280 ft)
    = 17920 (ft/s)²
v = 133.866 ft/s

v = (133.866 ft/s)*(15/22 (mi/h)/(ft/s)) = 91.272 mi/h

Answer:  133.9 ft/s or 91.3 mi/h


A radioactive element X with atomic number 88 and mass number 226 emits in succession:1)alpha particle 2)a beta particle
3)gamma radiation
Explain using equations where necessary te changes that take place in the atomic structure of the element at each stage


1) alpha particle, the element Radium undergoes alpha decay, releasing an alpha particle.

The number three ball moves off with a velocity of 5 m/s. What is the final velocity and direction of the eight ball?


7 and a half millimeters long

How many newtons of force are represented by the following amount: 3 kg·m/sec2? Justify your answer.


The quantity of force represented by the amount 3 kg.m/sec² is 3 Newtons

The given amount is 3 kg·m/sec2, that is 3 kg.m/sec².

To determine how many newtons of force are represented by 3 kg·m/sec2, we will state the equation for calculating force.

From Newton's first law of motion, we have that

F = ma

Where F is the force

m is the mass

and a is the acceleration

Now, Force is measured in Newtons (N)

The unit of mass is kilogram (kg) and the unit of acceleration is meters per seconds squared (m/sec²)

That is, from the equation

F = ma

In terms of their respective units, we have

N = kg.m/sec²

Since, 1 N is the same as 1 kg.m/sec²

Therefore, 3 kg.m/sec² = 3 N

Hence, the quantity of force represented by the amount 3 kg.m/sec² is 3 Newtons

Learn more here:

The formula is F=ma, and you have m --> as kg and a --> as m/sec^2, so your answer is 3 Newtons.
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