Microbes like bacteria can only survive in a certain environment. DESCRIBE (NOT LIST) the factors that ideal environment for a microbes must have.


Answer 1
Answer: Microbes need water just like any other plant or animal, you can find them in puddles, ponds, streams,etc. microbes as well need nutrients to live, without it they would not be able to function. most bacteria thrive in neutral temperatures, microbes can be found anywhere from -20 degrees Celsius to temperatures beyond boiling.

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Because of churning rock and ash, the largest volcanic eruptions are sometimes surrounded by


Large volcanic eruptions are sometimes surrounded by lighting and calderas. That's because the flying ash and rocks rub together producing static electricity. When enough static electricity builds up flash lightning discharges it.

What is Volcanic eruptions ?

"A volcano is an opening or rupture in the earth’s surface that allows magma (hot liquid and semi-liquid rock), volcanic ash and gases to escape. "They are generally found where tectonic plates come together or separate but they can also occur in the middle of plates due to volcanic hotspots. A volcanic eruption is when lava and gas are released from a volcano—sometimes explosively. The most dangerous type of eruption is called a 'glowing avalanche' which is when freshly erupted magma flows down the sides of a volcano. They can travel quickly and reach temperatures of up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. Other hazards include ash fall, and lahars (mud or debris flows). Volcanoes often cause population displacement and food shortages.

Know more about volcanic eruption here :


Calderas are what sometimes surround it

A 12-tooth gear is turned two times. How many times will the 24-tooth gear that it is connected to turn


If the gears are perfectly coupled and they don't slip or grind,
then the number of teeth that pass on both gears in some amount
of time are equal.

-- If the 12-tooth gear makes 2 revolutions, then 24 teeth
pass the point where the gears meet.

-- 24 teeth is all the way around the second gear, so
that one revolves one time.


A group of cells working together make up a(n) Organ

Organ system




Answer: Tissue.

Molecules make up cells, cells make up tissue, tissue makes up organs, organs make up organ systems. 

Object A experiences an attractive force of 50 N when it comes close to Object B. If Object A is positively charged, what can you say about Object B? 1. You cannot tell from the information given.
2. Object B is negatively charged.
3. Object B is positively charged.
4. Object B is neutral.


It is B since they are traveling at the same speed one is positive so the other had to be negative hope this helps;)))))
B object b is negatively charged
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