Which sentence uses a demonstrative adjective that points out something near? A. This ring on your finger is beautiful.

B. Sam tested that porch light.

C. Fred has those books at his house.


Answer 1
Answer: This ring on your finger is beautiful

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Which is an example of matter cycling through the bodies of living things


Whales eating plankton is an example of matter cycling through the bodies of living things.


Scientists have observed that pythons have vestigial leg bones they have also observed that snakes in general have more DNA sequences in common with four legged geckos than they do with legless eels what do these two oppositions have in common ? A. They both suggest that geckos involved from snakes
B. they both suggest that pythons are more primitive than other snakes
C. they both suggest that snakes involved from an ancestor with legs
D. they both suggests that snakes involved from geckos


leftover leg bones Moreover, they have shown that snakes generally share more Genetic sequences with Both of them contend that snakes descended from a creature with legs.

What does genetics mean?

The scientific study that genes and heredity, or how particular characteristics or traits were passed through parents to their children as a consequence of alterations in DNA sequence, is known as genetics. A gene is a section of DNA that includes instructions for creating one or even more molecules that support bodily function.

What are some genetic examples?

The study of genetics is known as genetics. Our genes store information that is copied from one generation into the next. For instance, genes are the reason why one kid has blonde highlights like their mother and their sibling gets brown hair unlike their father.

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Match the genes with their linkage ability.


These are the answers to your question:
unlinked genes-genes on different chromosomes
not so strongly linked genes- genes apart from each other,but on the same chromosome
strongly linked genes- genes close to each other
Show them and I would be more then happy to help you out.

Which condition produced the most mold growth? the fastest? the least? the slowest?


Dark sugar produced the most mold growth. Fastest-dark sugar, Least-Bright and dark vinegar, Slowest-Bright and dark lemon.

Answer: is there a picture


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