What is the main goal of u.s. foreign policy makers when a military action is less concerned with changing a nation's policies than with deposing its leaders?


Answer 1
Answer: I believe the answer is: regime change

regime change effort is often initiated if the leader does not possess the characteristics that would benefit united states. This includes things such as having different principles, unfavorable economized arrangement, the leader imposing direct threats to the general well-being of other nations etc.

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Jackson opened educational, economic, and political opportunities for the people. a. True
b. False


The answer to that is B;false.


The answer is true



How did some enslaved people in New Netherlands gain more freedom


There were a number of ways in which enslaved people gained more freedom. For example, they could work after their usual work hours, and be paid as white people for this work. Additionally, some "half-free" slaves could pay a yearly fee to gain more freedoms.

The notion of the sandwich generation: a. correctly describes the reality of many adult lives.
b. accurately conveys the financial strain adults often experience by caring for elderly parents.
c. clearly communicates the degree in which adults care for their elderly relatives.
d. is not very accurate.


The correct answer would be option D, is not very accurate.

The notion of the sandwich generation is not very accurate.


Sandwich Generation is a generation of people who have double responsibility over themselves. One is the responsibility of upbringing their children and the other responsibility is to take care of their parents at the same time.

The sandwich generation are usually people at the age between their thirties and forties. They usually take care of their children, prepare them meals, clean their cloths, help them with studies, etc, and also take care of the parents in their illness, help them physically if they are unable to perform their daily activities, may help them financially if they are not stable, etc.

This notion is not very accurate, because this is not something which makes a person sandwich. People's parents and children hold separate but important place in every person's life. They have separate place and the person doesn't become a sandwich between them, rather feels honored to help his parents and family.

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Hewoo The answer is d. is not very accurate.

Does modern warfare create the same kind of heroes as the Spartans at Thermopylae?


Modern day warfare is caused by the same reason as with what happened at Thermopylae when Spartans fought against Persians. The only difference between today and the past is that we are now educated people with human rights and decency. Civilizations have evolved and progressed over the years. In my own opinion, NO, it would not create the same kind of heroes as before just because of some greedy ambitions and self-interest.

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