The length of a rectangle is 5 inches more than three times the width. The perimeter is 98 inches. Find the length and width.


Answer 1
Answer: So basically, your length is 32 inches, and your width is going to be 9 inches

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A teacher had 24 red pens. If the ratio of red pens to blue pens she owned was 8:7, how many pens did she have total


45 pens.

24 ÷ 8 =3  Then you need to time 3 and 7 together
3 x 7 = 21 Then add the total of pens the teacher has
21 + 24 = 45 pens
For every 8 red pens she has, she has 7 blue pens.

So, she has 21 blue pens.

In total, she has 45 pens.

Diana made a recipe that yields 6 and 1 over 2 cups. If each serving is 1 over 4 cup, which expression will help Diana determine the number of servings her recipe will yield? 6 and 1 over 2 ⋅ 1 over 4 6 and 1 over 2 ÷ 1 over 4 6 and 1 over 2 + 1 over 4 6 and 1 over 2 − 1 over 4



six and a half divided by one over four

Step-by-step explanation:


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At a local community​ college, it costs ​$700 to enroll in a morning section of an algebra course. Suppose that the variable n stands for the number of students who enroll. Then 700n stands for the total amount of money collected for this course. How much is collected if 45 students​ enroll? 88 ​students? 270 ​students?



Step-by-step explanation:

From the question, we establish that it costs one person $700.

The letter 'n' stands for the number of students who enrol.

Therefore 700 multiplied by n will give the total amount of money collected for algebra course.

We are to calculate the total amount collected when n = 45, n=88 and n= 270.

We simply multiply the price ($700) by each n variable.

So therefore;

Total amount collected when n = 45 will be: 700 x 45 = $31,500.

Total amount collected when n = 88 will be: 700 x 88= $61,600.

Total amount collected when n = 270 will be: 700 x 270= $189,000.


24% of the books on David's shelf are mysteries. There are 36 mysteries on the shelf. Choose the expressions that complete each step involved in setting up and solving the proportion that represents the situation.


No expressions are given. Not sure of the question. Do they want to know how many total books are on the shelf?

Total books:

Number of portion ÷ %= total books

T= total books

T= 36 ÷ 24%
T= 36 ÷ 0.24
T= 150 total books

Not sure this helps, but hope it did!!
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