How does Antigone's action as a rebel reveal the universal theme? It shows that she is tired of being alone, revealing that loneliness is difficult for people to handle. It shows that she can break the rules for her principles, revealing that women are as capable as men. It shows that she does not side with her sister, revealing that families should stick together. It shows that she pities Ismene, revealing that understanding leads to right action.


Answer 1

Antigone's action as a rebel shows that she can break the rules for her principles, revealing that women are as capable as men.

Creonte, king of Tebas after Polynices and Eteocles killed each other for the throne, forbids the funeral rites to Polyneices. Antigone, his sister, carries them on anyway because the human laws can't prevail over God's laws. She stands for her principles, a woman standing against a man, the youth standing against the elder.

Answer 2

The correct answer is the second option. Antigone is determined to bury her brother Polynices, even though she knows she is breaking King Creon's mourning law, who had forbidden it. In this way, Antigone and Creon's confrontation proposes struggles between men and women.

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