Why is physics important for high school students to learn?


Answer 1

It is important for people to learn physics so that they can better understand the basic laws of the universe, and most importantly, so we can look at things with common sense, for you my friend i recommend watching mythbusters, they teach physics and make learning fun they teach you to look at the world with common sense. hope i helped!!! have a good day.

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A magnetic field would be produced by a beam of


3 protons should be your answer

Which early president passed the unpopular Alien & Sedition acts, which restricted people speaking out against the government and allowed him to deport foreigners? A) President John Adams B) President James Madison C) President Thomas Jefferson D) President George Washington


President John Adams

The answer is A. President John Adams


Suppose a heat source generates heat at a rate of 87.0 w (1 w = 1 j/s). how much entropy does this produce per hour in the surroundings at 27.4 °c? assume the heat transfer is reversible.


For a reversible process, the second law says that: 
dS = dq/T 
dS/dt = (1/T)*dq/dt 
We are given that dq/dt = 87.0 J/s, and that T = 27.4°C  which is equal to 300.55 K, so: 
dS/dt = (1/300.55K)*(87.0 J/s) = 0.289 J/(K*s) which is equal to 1040.40 joules per hour

Three forces are exerted on an object placed on a slope in the figure. The forces are measured in newtons (N). 1. Assuming that forces are vectors, what is the component of the net force F⃗ net=F⃗ 1+F⃗ 2+F⃗ 3 parallel to the slope? 2. What is the component of F⃗ net perpendicular to the slope? 3. What is the magnitude of F⃗ net? 4. What is the direction of F⃗ net?


The component of the net force that is parallel to the slope is the friction force. It is the force due to the friction present between the object and the surface of the slope. The force perpendicular to the slope is called the normal force and it is the contact force exerted by the object to the surface of the slope.
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