What is the relationship between the legislative branch and the mass media


Answer 1

There is a unique relationship between the legislature and the media. The media is very important for legislative as it can influence legislation and legislative initiatives.

  • The media is a powerful tool if used in the right way and knowledgeably. They can be a powerful ally and contributor to a better outcome of legislative decisions/initiatives.

The media often affect the law as they  make report on trials, sentencing and other legal matters.

Conclusively. in some states, the relationship between media and government is bilateral relationship.

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Answer 2

Opinions of the public helps the government and politicians know what is important to the citizens. So, with that being said the relationship between the mass media and the legislative branch is that the media helps our congressmen know our opinions and whats important to us. That helps them make smarter decisions that benefit us, them, and the nation.

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What were Prince Maximillian's motivations for going on the expedition up the Missouri River? What was Karl Bodmer's job on the expedition and why did Prince Maximillian hire him?



Prince Maximilian was an enlightened man with a restless spirit. He devised expeditions of a scientific, botanical, zoological, ethnographic and anthropological nature.  

Johann Karl Bodmer was hired as an artist by Maximilian to accompany his expedition and record images of cities, rivers, towns, and villages he saw along the way, including the many Native American tribes along the Missouri River and in that region.

Bodmer was a Swiss printmaker, engraver, lithographer, zinc engraver, draftsman, painter, illustrator and hunter. He is known in the United States as a painter who captured the American West in the 19th century. He painted extremely precise works of its inhabitants and landscape. He accompanied the German explorer Prince Maximilian zu Wied-Neuwied from 1832 to 1834 on his expedition to the Missouri River.  


The "Great Charter" that listed out the rights of kings and their subjects is known as what? A. Charge de Kings
B. Magna Carta
C. Teutonic Knight


The "Great Charter" that listed out the rights of kings and their subjects is known as Magna Carta.

what are the two things the jews were blamed for by german propaganda? 1.economic depression 2.natural disasters 3.germanys defear in world war 1 4. underselling german companies


Two of the things that the Jews were blamed for by german propaganda were "1 economic depression" and "Germany's defeat in World War I"--although these accusations were completely groundless. 

the answer is economic depression & germanys defeat in WW1

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The royal court at Versailles was NOT used by Louis XIV A. As his personal household.
B. As the first university.
C. As the center for state offices.
D. To have powerful subjects visit to seek favors.


The correct answer is B - the royal court at Versailles was NOT used as the first university. 

It was, however, used as his personal household at times, as a center for statet offices, as well as a place where powerful subjects would visit him to seek favors, with his royal court he could show them the splendor and greatnes of France at the time.
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