Which character from American born Chinese experiences a character arc over the course of the novel? A). Steve

B). Danny

C). Timmy

D). Melanie


Answer 1

The correct answer is "B: Danny".

"American Born Chinese" is divided into 3 tales.

The third tale narrates the story of Danny. An American white boy who is visited every year by his Chinese cousin Chin-Kee. Due to Chin-Kee's use of numerous stereotypes regarding American culture, he is often bothered by his visits.

It is later revealed that Danny is actually a character in the second tale named Jin Wang. Jin Wang decided to "transform" into Danny because he considered that being Jin Wang would prevent him from pursuing a girl he liked.

In the end, Chin-Kee reveals himself as "The Monkey King" from the first tale. Chin-Kee presents himself to Danny in order to remind him of his origins and accept himself as it is.

Answer 2

The correct answer is B. When Danny appears for the first time in the story is a blond and white teenager who attends the same high school as Jin, it is not yet known that he is really Jin. Danny has a cousin named Chin-Kee that ruins his life. In the end the monkey king is revealed to Danny and asks him to return to his true form, Jin.  

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Which conclusion about the bride’s marriage can the reader draw by the end of this poem “Woo’d and Married and A’” by Joanna Baillie. ?


The poem draws conclusion on wealth amidst the marriage and family issues, where the author means emotions, feelings and understanding with wealth, not material things. Bailie considers these things small, however they are described as the foundations of happiness. She drew new lines in romantic movement exploring the themes loyalty, obedience and family in comparison with traditional romantic themes like, nature, creativity and imagination.

As an opinion, it is to be understood from the poem that the bride is not happy with her marriage. She is crying without hope and she knows that nothing can ever help her and comfort her - even her own family tells her not to complain instead she should be thankful.

Suppose you read a myth that claims the universe was created by gods who take the form of animals. What can you infer about the culture this myth comes from? A) the culture was not religious
B) the culture respected and valued nature
C) the culture was made up of animals, not people
D) the culture knew how to speak to animals


It could be B this is because if the gods who took forms of animals they respect and value nature. I don't really know because this is not my profession, but with the evidence form the passage, B is the most likely answer.

It could be the B I just checked google and I’m correct!!!!!! It B

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From the very beginning of the poem, Aeneas is aware that he has to follow the course of his destiny - and not the destiny he has chosen, but the one that was chosen for him (we might even say: imposed upon him) by the gods. However, even though he knows this, he is utterly unhappy about it and finds it difficult to leave behind everything that is dear to him. He sincerely grieves for his love with Dido, whom he has to leave. But in time, he gets to understand that his cause is a really worthy one.

The most significant shift in his character's development happens in Book 6, when he meets his father Anchises in the underworld. Anchises unravels to his son the future of the empire that he is to build. That is the decisive moment, when Aeneas realizes that all his personal sacrifice isn't for nothing. Hitherto, he had had many doubts and second thoughts about this sacrifice. But from that moment on, he will invest all his mental strength in his leadership, and commit fully and enthusiastically to his grand mission.

Read the passage. Practically every teen texts and drives these days, and they seem to have no idea how dangerous it is.

Which logical fallacy is represented?

circular reasoning
bandwagon appeal
loaded language


I think it would be overgeneralization 

hope this helps

Circular reasoning because the rest don't make any sense with this passege
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