Which is the significance of the apical meristem?


Answer 1


The Apical meristem helps in the elongation of  the plant part where it is present.


  • Meristems or meristematic tissues are simple tissue composed of a group of similar actively dividing cells that can form new cells.
  • Meristems are found in the growing parts of the plant like tips of the root, shoot and branches.
  • The main function of meristematic tissue is to help in plant growth.
  • The cells of meristems are thin walled with a large centrally located nucleus.
  • The cytoplasm of these cells are dense with no vacuoles.

Depending on the position, meristems are of three types-

  • Apical meristem - It is present at the tip of the roots,stem and their branches. It produces growth in length of part where present.
  • Intercalary meristem- This meristem is located at the base of the internode. It helps in the elongation of the internodal region.
  • Lateral meristem- This is also known as cambuium, It occurs below the bark and in the vascular bundle of dicot stem and root. This meristem takes part in increasing the girth or width of he plant. This is also known as secondary growth.
Answer 2


B) It enables photosynthesis by facilitating primary growth of the plant.

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During which phase of the cell cycle is the cytoplasm and its contents divided to form two new daughter cells? A. cytokinesis
B. metaphase
C. interphase
D. mitosis


I think the correct answer from the choices listed above is option A. It is during the cytokinesis phase of the cell cycle that the cytoplasm and its contents divided to form two new daughter cells. Hope this answers the question. have a nice day.
The correct response would be A. Cytokinesis.
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