What is the place and value of 934


Answer 1

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9 represents 900. It is in the hundreds place

3 represents 30. It is in the tens place

4 represents 4. It is in the units place.

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What is the value of z for the equation 1/4z = –7/8 + 1/8z? –3 –7 3 7 (the numbers/numbers are fractions)


The first step for solving this equation is to determine the defined range.
, z ≠ 0
Move the expression to the left side of the equation and change its sign.
-  = 
Now we need to write all numerators above the least common denominator of 8z. This will change the equation to the following:
Simplify the equation using cross multiplication.
8 = -56z
Switch the sides of the equation.
-56z = 8
Divide both sides of the equation by -56.
, z ≠ 0
Lastly,, check if the solution is in the defined range to get your final answer.

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Marita ate 1/2 pint of chocolate ice cream. Frankie ate 3/4 pint of strawberry ice cream. How much more ice cream did Frankie eat than Martia.




Step-by-step explanation:

If Marita ate 1/2 pint of Chocolate Ice Cream and Frankie did 3/4 ice cream.

The point here is quantity of Ice Cream

Since 3/4 is > 1/2

3/4 -1/2=

Therefore Frankie ate 1/4 of ice cream more than Marita did

the answer is 1 and 1/4

Find g(6)



Suppose the initial height of a Pumpkin is 12 feet and the pumpkin is being launched with a velocity of 61 feet per second. Use this information to find out the maximum height the pumpkin will go before landing. Please show your work

(98 points)



The answer is:

The maximum height before landing will be 69.7804 feet.


Since there is no information about the angle of the launch, we can safely assume that it's launched vertically.

So, we can calculate the maximum height of the pumpkin using the following formulas:


y, is the final height

, is the initial height

g, is the acceleration of gravity , and it's equal to:

t, is the time.

Now, we are given the following information:

Then, to calculate the maximum height, we must remember that at the maximum height, the speed tends to 0, so, calculating we have:

Time calculation,

We need to use the following equation,

So, substituting we have:

We know that it will take 1.8944 seconds to the pumpkin to reach its maximum height.

Maximum height calculation,

Now, calculating the maximum height, we need to use the following equation:

Substituting and calculating, we have:

Hence, we have that the maximum height before the landing will be 69.7804 feet.

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