Describe the path of an electrical impulse as it moves through a MOTOR neuron?


Answer 1

The path of movement of electrical impulse starts from the dendrites. Then it passes through cell body, axon, axon terminal and to the dendrites of another neuron through the synapse. Myelin sheath acts as insulator, Nodes of ranvier are small gaps in axons which facilitate the impulse transfer.

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Which direction is vertical velocity to a flying object


This answer completely depends on the trajectory of the flying object. If it is increasing in altitude (such as a plant at take off) then it will have a positive vertical velocity directly upward (perpendicular to the ground). If the object is cruising (like a plane) at a fixed altitude, the vertical speed and velocity will be zero, so there will be no angle. If the object is descending in altitude, then there will be a vertical velocity with direction toward the ground.

Which three factors affect the formation of magma?


Temperature, pressure and composition. 
Temperature, Pressure and composition.

The initial period of population growth for a species in an environment is



When you start off with a small group of people, and if they all have 2-3 children, and these children grow up to have another 2-3 children themselves, the population will increase exponentially

Since any single diploid organism only has two alleles per gene in their nuclear genetic material, the gene pool for a population of that organism can only have two alleles occurring in it. Group of answer choices True False


The given statement is false because a gene pool has more than 2 alleles for a gene

What are alleles?

Alleles are the alternate form of a gene. For example- Gene is the responsible color of eyes color can have 2 or more than two alleles as Green, Brown, Blue, Black.

A gene is the functional unit of heredity. Genes are responsible for the characteristics of organisms.

A diploid organism has 2 sets of chromosomes, so an organism can bear only 2 alleles but in the population, many other alleles can exist.

Therefore, the given statement is false because a gene pool has more than 2 alleles for a gene.

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A diploid organism can have only two alleles for a particular gene. However, a gene may have more than two alleles. The gene for the ABO blood type has three alleles. The gene pool of a population can have more than two alleles for a gene since different organisms may have various combinations of the multiple alleles of a gene. For example, some individuals of a human population may have I^A and I^B alleles while others may have I^A and "i" alleles in their genomes. This population would have three alleles for the ABO gene.

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1. Fingerprints may be resolved into three large, general groups of patterns: the arch, the loop, and the ____. a. bulbs. b. ridge. c. radial. 2. In 1990, the FBI began a pilot project called _____, which stores DNA profiles from across the country in a series of local, state, and national databases, all linked via computers. a. IAFIS b. CJIS c. CODIS d. NDIS 3. Impressions produced by the ridged skin on human fingers, palms, and soles of the feet are _____ prints. a. plastic b. latent c. visible d. dust 4. What is the most commonly used facial composite software in the United States? a. FACES b. Identi-Kit 2000 c. CompuSketch d. SuspectID 5. What is the most significant breakthrough in forensic science since the development of fingerprinting? a. ballistics tests b. handwriting analysis c. DNA profiling d. investigative psychology 6. What is the process of identifying psychological and social characteristics surrounding the crime as well as the manner in which it was committed? a. psychological profiling b. criminal investigative analysis c. investigative psychology d. case linkage 7. DNA typing was first described in 1985 by English geneticist a. James Watson. b. Edward Southern. c. Francis Crick. d. Alec Jeffreys. 8. crime lab’s DNA analysis unit examination and characterization of body fluid is conducted through __________ serological techniques. a. traditional b. modern c. classical d. neoclassical 9. MitoSearch is a software package used by crime labs to compile and analyze a. the mtDNA database. b. criminal histories. c. arms and ammunition d. ink and print traces. 10. Two standards have been used to govern the admission of scientific evidence: the _____ test and the Frye test. a. relevancy b. Daubert Standard c. eliminaton d. reliability prong