Early Christians believed that only God should be
worshipped and that problems
should not be solved by
warfare. Why do you think
some Romans felt threatened
by these beliefs?​


Answer 1

It is because roman's were people who believe in many gods for example Mars and Minerva. When roman's heard that there is only 1 God they were confused, because all their life they have been praising their gods. just imagine someone goes up to your house and asks you to kill someone for him and your a pacifist.

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What was the system of government in the Massachusetts Bay Colony?


Increasing estrangement between the colony and England resulted in the annulment of the company's charter in 1684 and the substitution of royal government under a new charter granted in 1691. The charter of 1691 merged the Plymouth colony and Maine into the Massachusetts Bay Colony.


How does the modern of history challenge earlier earlier histories


It edits the actual event to avoid any kind of controversy


it edits the ac



Two locations prominent in the surrender of Japan were (A) Nagasaki and Hiroshima
(B) Tokyo and Washington D.C.
(C) Iwo Jima and Okinawa
(D) Guadalcanal and Leyte


The correct answer is A) Nagasaki and Hiroshima. These were two locations where the American military dropped atomic bombs causing mass damage, death and many deaths which happened in the years following the bomb. This is the only case in history where nuclear bombs were used and the two bombs in two big cities in Japan were used to obliterate the places and was used to dismantle the last enemy of the Aliied Forces at the end of World War II.

What indians desired most, upon encountering europeans, was?


The Native Americans most desired a peaceful trade/commercial relations when they encountered the Europeans.
Europeans brought new trade goods with them from Europe, and the Native Americans were interested in the new materials and products. They traded deer hides and other pelts for the Europeans' colored cloth. The Native Americans made use of tools like axes, knives, and other tools rather than just using their bow and arrows. This was eventually a problem, because Native Americans became dependent on the Europeans for these new products as some of them abandoned their traditional ways.
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