What is the closest relative of canis lupus


Answer 1
Answer: Canis familiaris is the closest relative of Canis lupus.

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Passageway from the epididymus to Ejaculatory duct



The passageway from the epididymus to ejaculatory duct is the ductus deferens/ vas deferens.



A founding population of lizards arrives on an island. Which type of isolation would mostly likely result in this population becoming a new species?


The type of isolation that would most likely result in the population becoming a new species would be geographical isolation.

What is Geographical Isolation?

It is a speciation process whereby a portion of a population becomes isolated from the rest geographically.

The isolation will prevent the isolated population from interacting or breeding with the remaining part of the population.

Since the new geographical location has its own peculiar climate, the isolated population will take a new adaptive path in order to adjust to the environment. This can eventually lead to the isolated population becoming a new species entirely.

More on geographical isolation can be found here:


Geographical Isolation would most likely result in this population becoming a New species. 

Tina suffers from anorexia nervosa. She is depressed and lacks self-confidence. Though she is extremely thin, she continues to lose weight at a rapid rate. Based on this information, the most important FIRST step in treating Tina will be to:



Stabilize her weight.


Anorexia nervosa may be defined as the medical condition in which individual loses his weight with the growing age. This is a type of eating disorder, that can distort the body image of an individual.

Tina is extremely thin and continuously loosing her weight. The first treatment that can be given to Tina is the stabilization of her weight. The healthy food with proper balanced diet and proper medication is helpful for Tina to stabilize her weight.


13. What makes water a polar molecule?


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Hello there i hope you are having a good day :) Question : 13. What makes water a polar molecule? = So firstly a polar molecule is and cannot be bond with a non-polar molecule because of the oxygen side and it is also negatively charged water is a example of polar molecule.Hopefully that helps you.

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