An object that revolves around a planet is called a


Answer 1
Answer: A natural satellite. Or just a satellite.
Answer 2
Answer: Just a satellit . Also the ones that are made by human

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Most arson fires are produced through what? Accelerants Dynamite Chemical residues Steroids


I think the correct answer from the choices listed above is the first option. Most arson fires are produced through accelerants. In fire protection, an accelerant is any substance or mixture that "accelerates"  the development of fire. Hope this answers the question.

The force it would take to accelerate an 900-kg car at the rate of 6m/s2



Force, F = 5400 N


Given that,

Mass of the car, m = 900 kg

Acceleration of the car,

Let F is the force taken by the car to accelerate it. The amount of force acting on the car can be calculated using second equation of motion as :

F = 5400 N

So, the force required to accelerate the car is 5400 N. Hence, this is the required solution.

It would be 5,400N. I hope this helps!


If a shot is put an angle of 41 degrees relative to the horizontal with a velocity of 36 ft/s in the direction of the put, what will be the upward (vertical) velocity at the instant of release? What will be the forward (horizontal) velocity? How high (above the point of release) will the shot go? What is the time it takes the shot to reach its maximum height?


The vertical velocity of the shot is 27.16 ft/ s and the horizontal velocity is 23.6 ft/s. The height of the shot is 8.71 m and the time of flight for maximum height will be 0.73 seconds.

What is velocity?

Velocity of a moving body is the measure of the distance it travelled per unit time. The rate of change of velocity is called acceleration.

Vertical velocity = v cos ∅

                           = 36 ft/s cos 41 = 27.16 ft/s

Horizontal velocity = v sin ∅

                                = 36 ft/s sin 41 = 23.6 ft/s

The final velocity is Vf is zero here. Thus, the height of the shoot is :

d =( Vy)² /2a , a = 9.8 m/s² or 32 ft/s²

  = 23.16 ² / (2× 32 ft/s² )

  = 8.71 m.

Now the time of flight can be calculated as follows:

Vy + at = 0

t = vy/a

 = 23.16/ 32 ft/s²

  = 0.73 s

Hence, the time of the shot to reach its maximum height is 0.73 seconds.

To find more on velocity, refer here:



Idk no idea none zero sorry hope someone know more than me

17.5kg Olivia is running to Elizabeth who is standing still with a velocity of 8 ms and jumps into her arms to be held if Elizabeths mass is 68 kg what is their final velocity


The final velocity is 1.64 m/s


We can solve this problem by using the law of conservation of momentum: in fact, in absence of external forces, the total momentum of the two  girls must be conserved before and after the collision.

Therefore we can write:



is the mass of Olivia

is the initial velocity of Olivia

is the mass of Elizabeth

is the initial velocity of Elizabeth

is the final combined velocity of the two girls

Re-arranging the equation and substituting the values, we find the final velocity:

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