What is Daughter material meaning ?


Answer 1
Answer: The deceased product of a radioactive isotope.
Answer 2
Answer: In nuclear physics, a decay product (also known as a daughter product, daughter isotopes or daughter nuclide) is the remaining nuclide left over from radioactive decay.

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Which element relies on logic, credibility, and emotion?


You are talking about rhetorical devices here. Speeches have these rhetorical devices to make them sound and valid. Appeal to logic is using facts and research to show why your arguments are good, appeal to credibility is showing why people should trust you when you speak, and appeal to emotion is appealing to other humans to understand the problem on an emotional level.


A- rhetorical devices is the correct answer



in "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God," Jonathan Edwards compares a number of different items to either nonbelievers or to the wrath of God. Match each item to one of these categories. 1. Non Believers 2. Wrath of god a. falling rock b. storm c. bow d. spider e. chaff f. rough wind match all the letters to the correct numbers.


In the written "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" Jonathan Edwards compare God's wrath to holding a spider over a fiery pit, great waters, flood that will break over a dam and a bow and arrow, according to this the groups of option should be settle as follows:

1. Non Believers  a. falling rock

   e. chaff  

   f. rough

2. Wrath of god b. storm  

   c. bow  

   d. spider  


1. Non Believers- falling rock, chaff, rough

2. Wrath of god- storm, bow, spider  



Which description best illustrates the plain folks propaganda technique? connecting celebrities or other famous people with a particular product

making a politician or famous person appear in simpler terms

showing a product being used by a large group of people

using a scientist to describe the benefits of a particular product

having children act in roles typically filled by adults


Plain folks propaganda technique means a technique where the speaker shows himself to be an ordinary person, so that the audience can better relate to them and buy the product being sold. The description that best illustrates the plain folks propaganda technique is option C: showing a product being used by a large group of people.

Plain folks propaganda technique

Further description for the above answer is as follows:

  • In the plain folks propaganda technique, it is depicted that a regular person had a problem and then he resolved it with the help of the product that is being targeted.

  • The best way to show it would be to present that the product is being used by a lot of ordinary people.

Therefore, the correct answer is option C.

Learn more about the plain folks propaganda technique here:


B. making a politician or famous person appear in simpler terms

The plain folks propaganda technique aims to make politicians/famous people appear like they're just an average person so that they relate to the audience more. 

In conducting internet research, which web address suffix is generally most credible?


.gov is absolutely the most reliable, because that is the only suffix that cannot be purchased by commercial companies. Even .edu and .org can be taken by unreliable sources.
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